Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Exploring Possibilities

Hey everyone, Safrosoft is back!  

We're taking a look at the mobile platform for a new RoX game.  While based off of our original, the new game contains a few game-changing features.  For example, each level repeats endlessly in all directions, causing  any object, including the player, to seamlessly "warp" from one edge of the level to the direct opposite.  The effect this "warping" creates is a false perception of the level's boundaries, allowing for new and exciting ways to enhance certain gameplay elements.  We're also looking into ways of making this game more accessible in terms of overall playability for everyone, making it more fun to play!

Ilya and Dmitriy Safro

Our original game, which we released free-to-play in 2001


Stay tuned for more!